About Allison Schottenstein

1407189828_Schottenstein, Allison 1An award-winning doctoral student, book reviewer, and researcher, Allison Schottenstein is pursuing a PhD in history at the University of Texas at Austin. Her area of interests include: modern Jewish History, Ethnic Relations, Southern History, and the Civil Rights Movement.  During her time at the University of Texas, where she also earned a master of arts in history, she has received a number of honors and commendations for her academic work, including the Lewis L. Gould Best Thesis Prize for Excellence in the Study of American History as well as the Perry Prize for Best Master’s Thesis. In addition, Allison Schottenstein achieved membership in a number of academic honor societies including Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Theta.

An active researcher and academic, Allison Schottenstein has published work in a number of outlets including the New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Intermountain West Journal of Religious Studies, Not Even Past, and PopMatters. Furthermore, she holds ties with several academic organizations and societies including the American Historical Association, Association for Jewish Studies, and the American Academy of Religion.


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