American Historical Association

American Historical Association to Hold Its 130th Annual Meeting

An accomplished student, Allison Schottenstein currently attends the University of Texas at Austin as a doctoral candidate in the school’s history department. Over the course of her academic career, Allison Schottenstein has been a member of the American Historical Association (AHA).

In pursuit of its mission to promote historical thinking and study, the AHA produces scholarly publications, oversees educational and professional development programs, distributes grants, and hosts its popular Annual Meeting. Registration will soon open for the AHA’s 130th Annual Meeting, which will take place January 7-10, 2016, at several hotels in downtown Atlanta.

Over 4,000 history professionals and scholars are expected to attend the four-day event to network with their peers, share research, and gain new knowledge and insights through a range of educational sessions. In addition, the meeting will feature an exhibit hall, a job center, and a career fair, where attendees can learn about the skills and training needed to build a career in the history field.


American Historical Association Hosts 130th Annual Meeting in 2016

Currently attending the University of Texas at Austin to pursue her doctorate in history, Allison Schottenstein also works as a book reviewer for Pop Matters where she has published eight book reviews. Additionally, she serves as an editor at Scholar Compass based in Cincinnati, Ohio, assisting students with college papers and helping high school students with their college essays. Allison Schottenstein belongs to several historical organizations, one of which is the American Historical Association (AHA).

Founded in 1884, the AHA establishes professional standards for historical training and research. Its members promote professional standards and work to preserve historical documents that tell America’s story.

Each year, the AHA hosts a meeting for its members to converge and share information. The 2016 event, scheduled for January 7 through 10 in Atlanta, Georgia, is the organization’s 130th. Entitled Global Migrations: Empires, Nations, and Neighbors, the meeting will feature exhibits and poster presentations. At the 2015 meeting, attendees listened to speakers discuss the latest in historical scholarship and practice. There were almost 300 sessions held at this annual meeting, which occurred in New York.